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Do I Really Need A Baby Book?

By Sophia Ton

When you think of the little time you have when children are in their early years, it makes you wonder whether or not you really need a baby book. Plus there are so many “physical” memories to add like favorite greeting cards and money folders that you may wonder if there would be enough room in a baby book to hold everything?

You may at least have one handy to record events like first words, first solid foods, first steps, etc. And you can always toss other mementos in a shoe box to use in a baby scrap book later on when time allows.

Another option is to ask grandma or auntie to write fill in everything for you. Chat on the phone or PC (like with instant messaging) or email entries for your helper to cut/paste into the baby book. Then when time eases up on your end – if it does – take over authoring on your own.

Even another option is to “loosely” create your baby book. Head to the office supply store – or shop online – and order some of those 8 ½ X 11 sheet protector sleeves. Then load your memories inside, one year per sleeve or something along those lines, to keep things organized. When you’ve filled a page, insert it into a 3-ring binder in chronological order.

You can do the same thing with an empty shoebox or drawer. Start on the bottom, dumping all your goodies. Then insert pieces of cardboard or colored paper between the years to make time.

Or course you’ll want to only save small, hopefully flat, items. But you know how that goes once those crafting years begin in daycare and preschool years. Then all these goodies itch to be saved:

- First tooth
- First curl & other hair clippings
- Family Trees
- List of favorite songs & books
- List of favorite videos / DVDs / CDs
- Crafts
- Bedroom swatches of carpet, wall paper…
- Pages they’ve colored or painted
- Photos
- Paper dolls and clothes
- Package bows and tags
- Bookmarks
- Newspaper clippings
- Vacation souvenirs
- Family histories

So get with the program! You know you’ll need something to organize all that cute baby stuff. So either get a baby book or two … or start finding creative ways to store your baby mementoes. You’ll want to take a stroll back down memory lane someday!

About the Author: Sophia Ton is a freelance writer who writes about baby shower gifts, maternity, pregnancy and family related topics. She loves to shop for baby items and she loves baby books.

Fri Jan 30 2015

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